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The easy-to-use, automatic Original Bottle Popper - Black effortlessly pops off and captures the cap of your favorite beer or bottled beverage in one swift, push-down motion - and as a fully portable device, its perfect for tailgates, barbecues, home bars and more.

Original Bottle Popper - Black

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A must-have for tailgates, home bars, barbecues and more, the Bottle Popper will quickly become a go-to item in any beer drinker’s tool belt! This push-down, automatic bottle opener utilizes a magnetized, spring loaded mechanism to effortlessly twist off and capture bottle caps of all kinds (even twists offs) - meaning no more chasing after runaway bottle caps or expending more effort than needed. With over 60 NCAA collegiate team licenses and custom logos available, there is a Bottle Popper for everyone!

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